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csst gas connectors – gas connectors flexible gas connector

csst flexible gas connectors

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BGE is alerting  its natural gas customers to a possible safety hazard involving  older brass flexible gas connectors that are attached to  home appliances. These connectors  are corrugated metal tubes used to connect gas appliances, such as dryers, ranges, and ovens, to gas supply lines.  Maintaining and purchasing proper gas connectors is the responsibility of the customer.  Some older brass connectors can separate from the tubing and cause a serious gas leak, explosion or fire.gas connectors

To our knowledge, these dangerous uncoated brass connectors have not been made for more than 20 years, but some of them may still be in use, particularly in homes with older appliances. Moving the appliance, even slightly, whether to clean behind it or inspect its gas connector can cause the connector to crack or break. Do not attempt to move the appliance yourself to check the connector. BGE recommends customers with older appliances contact a licensed plumber or qualified professional appliance repair service to inspect your appliance connectors.

gas connectors

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